Window Reproduction


WINDOW reproduction


reproduction of traditional double hung wood sash for insulating glass

Reproduction is recommended when half of the sash parts are broken or missing, existing sashes are not originals and are not proper reproduction, a new opening has been added to a façade where traditional windows are present, or insulating glass is required and sashes are only 1 3/8" thick.



  1. Complete analysis of profiles, proportions, and function of all elements including sash, glazing, hardware, weatherstripping, sills, and casing

    • Information gathered from remaining material at project site as well as neighboring buildings and like architecture elsewhere in the city

  2. Sample unit fabricated and/or scaled drawings completed to model finished product

  3. Only solid Sapele mahogany or Spanish cedar used during fabrication — no contemporary farm grown pine to be used — exposed end grain and other more vulnerable areas sealed with penetrating epoxy

  4. Sash fabricated with traditional mortise and tenon joinery — meeting rail condition is all wood with interlocking metal and plastic vinyl parts

  5. Weatherstripping to be accurate brand traditional zinc interlocking style for durability and authenticity

  6. Sash suspended solid brass chain and counter balanced with measured weights — pulleys to be cast iron reclaimed and restored units or solid brass traditional styled modern units

  7. Existing jambs and sills restored with epoxy consolidates and real wood dutchman, as necessary, primed and painted

  8. Glass shall be two clear annealed 1/8” panels with 1/4” air space — perimeter double sealed with two part polysulfide sealant — outside panel to be historic like class from Germany

  9. Sash locks and lifts will be chosen per project — we stock solid brass and oil-rubbed bronze in a number of styles — reclaimed or existing hardware can be restored as desired

  10. Windows will operate with ease and latch with authority and seal well — final painting by other with units in place


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