Christian Kelleher, Founder

Master carpenter, fabricator, project coordinator, and 30 years restoration experience – As a two year old, I used to ride in the wagon my granddad pulled, to pick up leftover construction materials at the church. And here, I think, started my interest in construction and materials. Competitive and successful as a school boy, I had many interests. Among them years of judo, wrestling, and motorcycle racing. I was most fortunate to have traveled extensively. An army brat in Europe, I had seen most of the great monuments of western civilizations by 9 years of age, perhaps I was too young, but still inspired. My first professional ambition – archaeologist. College life and text books didn't move me, after 3 years I left and have since begun my own journey. William Blake, Fredric Nietzsche, and T.S. Eliot kept me alive for a few years and James Krenov and Studs Terkel helped me clarify my life's ambition – craftwork. At 21 years, I was resolved to be the greatest carpenter I could be. It is a beautiful, rich discipline, one which engages me most nearly all moments to this day. There is so much to learn and so much to do.


B.S. Mechanical Engineering, master Carpenter, 25 years restoration experience – Born in London, England in 1966 and now a 15 year resident of Washington, D.C. I studied engineering at West Cumbria College and soon after completed an apprenticeship in building and renovation, which put me in the ranks of a "time served career carpenter", a very fortunate place to be. My career has mostly been as a self-employed contractor. During that time I have worked in London, France, Italy, and the United States. As well as the more monotonous maintenance projects, I have been lucky enough to work on palaces, villas, boats, mansions, in fact on almost every type of residence or office, and every type of project. Christian has been a good friend of many years and we both were excited when his suggestion of joining the company came up several years ago. Since then I have worked on the most unique and challenging projects. My role at the company is split between installing projects and mill show work. I often get to install projects I have personally worked on and that is very gratifying.


hector CedIllos, installation specialist

justEn kantack, master fabricator


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