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Steel Windows & Doors




Steel windows and doors are not as common in this city as others in the northeast. We have slowly brought them into our body of work over the last 20 years. They are not as inherently valuable as the fenestration of wood windows in that steel itself is conductive to heat. They do, however, offer an aesthetic which can not be achieved with wood. Their delicate profiles provide a site line that is sympathetic to Tudor-styled domestic architecture, as well as the robust character is in concert with commercial buildings. Generally, the steel windows endure at ratios that exceed wood sash components. The lack of effective weatherstripping and decline in fit due to abuse and decay generally presents a window that leaks air. Our capacity to restore steel windows is now on par with that of wood windows, that is, we can reproduce any component required. The putty work and paint proceeds similarly and the finish can be improved over wood windows with the use of catalyzed paint systems. We have developed a secondary window system to enhance a steel windows thermal function and provide an operable, removable screen. Together, high performance fenestration is achieved and the original architecture is preserved.



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