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Established in 1989, we are 50 craftsmen in a 23,000 square foot facility one mile from Washington D.C.

Having worked in many ambassadorial residences, museums, and architectural landmarks, our quality and diligence has few peers in this city. At our facility in Brentwood, Maryland, we replicate and restore windows and doors, working with domestic hardwoods, imported mahogany, and teak.

Our goal is to build elements appropriate to the building and its history. The proportion, details, materials, and operation of the millwork in older buildings (pre-WWII) are more than charmingly archaic. The simpler means and methods of the work, the more robust parts, and material quality all make for more handsome and durable architecture. It is among these things we find our work most respected and needed.

We also provide extensive glass working to support the window work, including stained and leaded glass, bowed glass, insulating retro fits, fusing, casting, and cylinder glass. With a staff of painters and a master finisher, we can apply traditional pigments and varnish, French polish, or apply modern acrylic paints. In addition to a single source for all wood architectural elements, we do arc and tig welding, forge work, turnings, and CNC machining. Working with steel, copper, brass, and aluminum, we support our millwork from hardware restoration to jigs of production. Prior to an agreement you are welcome to tour our facility and meet the craftsmen.